Custom sheds: quality outdoor structures

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Custom sheds: quality outdoor structures

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by Olesia Chikunova, ADU Specialist.

Are you dreaming of a new backyard oasis or needing extra storage space for your growing family? Investing in one of the custom sheds could be just what you need to turn that dream into reality. 

Custom sheds can offer the perfect solution if you want a cozy retreat away from the house, a workspace for hobbies, or simply more room to store tools and toys. 

Everything needs to be in place, from choosing materials and colors to adding a feature like an electrical supply or double doors. 

Read on for ways to take full advantage of creating your dream space through custom sheds.


wooden shed on slab foundation

A custom-built shed makes zero sense if you want an outdoor storage shed to house your garden tools or pool supplies. Custom storage sheds make sense only for those with bulky hobbies – think quilting or golf. A woodworking shop may also have some specific requirements.


However, suppose you are looking for something more refined than regular Amish sheds or a prefab storage shed often seen in parking lots of home improvement shops. In that case, you must work with shed builders who offer high-quality products in various styles. This comes with decades of experience. Then, you can expect the best quality materials, structural warranty, and overall quality construction that will stand the test of time. 

Custom Shed Ideas

music studio

Whether you’re looking for a gym, sauna, workshop, bakery, home office, or music studio, custom sheds are an ideal way to create your dream space. Custom sheds come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to match the design of your existing home and become the focal point of your backyard.

From modern designs with contemporary doors and windows to rustic cottages with a classic wooden look, there’s something to suit every taste and purpose.


A custom shed is an ideal place to create your own private gym. Awaken early in the morning and get your day off to a healthy start by going for a jog or step class in your own outdoor fitness area. Or create an indoor gym with a treadmill, weights, and even a pull-up bar.

With the proper insulation and ventilation, you can also make your custom shed into a sauna to relax after a hard workout.

Workshop or Bakery

If you’re an avid DIYer or creative baker, a custom shed is the perfect place to pursue your hobbies. Turn your shed into a workshop and fill it with tools for carpentry, metalworking, or jewelry making.

Or set up an oven and countertops to create delicious pastries, cakes, and breads in your own bakery.

Home Office

A custom shed is perfect for creating a home office outside your main house. With ample insulation and ventilation, your shed can serve as a quiet place for you to work at any time of the day.

Install a desk and shelves for your books and office supplies, or set up a computer station with dual monitors and an ergonomic chair.

Music Studio

Why not turn your custom shed into a music studio if you’re a musician? With enough acoustic insulation and soundproofing, your shed can be the perfect place to practice or write music without disturbing the neighbors. Set up a drum kit, guitar, and keyboard for jamming sessions with friends.


Shed Designer And Plans For Permit

Building a custom shed requires careful planning and preparation. It would help if you thought about the shed’s size and what materials you’ll use. It is also essential to determine where on your property it will be built. Certain locations facing South may require larger overhangs than you see in pre-built sheds. Remember to obtain any necessary permits or permissions from local authorities.


Once you’ve made all these decisions, the next step is finding a qualified shed designer and contractor. A custom shed requires more than just measuring and cutting lumber to fit your vision – it needs an experienced hand that can plan out the best approach, materials, and construction methods for a given space.

  1. When looking for a shed designer, make sure they have plenty of experience dealing with the local building codes and regulations. They should be familiar with zoning laws, environmental restrictions, available materials and technologies, and any other potential issues that could affect your project.
  2. Once you’ve found a shed designer who meets all these criteria, they’ll help you create detailed plans for your custom shed. This includes things like the size of the building, its layout and style, and the type of shingles you want. The plans will also provide information about the amount of material needed for construction and a timeline for when the project should be completed.
  3. Once these plans are complete, the next step is obtaining a permit from your local jurisdiction. Most planning departments require an application and plans for building any structure on your property. The paperwork may also include a fee, depending on your shed size. Your shed designer should be able to help you with this process, so ask them for assistance if needed.
  4. With the permit in hand, you can now begin building your custom shed. Make sure to hire a qualified contractor and use the plans provided by your shed designer. This will help ensure the building is appropriately constructed and meets all local regulations.

Foundation: Site Preparation Tips That Help

Building a custom shed is a great way to create extra space in your home. A custom shed can be the perfect solution if you’re looking for additional insulated storage, a workshop, or an outdoor office. But before you start building, it’s important to consider how you want to set up your new shed’s foundation and site preparation.

Your shed’s foundation is key to ensuring that it lasts for many years. You can choose from a few different types of foundations: concrete slabs, wood skids, or pier blocks.

A concrete slab is an excellent option if you want your shed to last. And the most popular option if your shed requires a permit to build. It will provide extra stability and protection against moisture, which can help reduce the wear and tear that comes with outdoor weather. However, a concrete slab is also more expensive than the other options and requires more labor to install.

We recommend using helical piles if you have elaborate landscaping. This solution lets us get closer to the tree’s drip line than a traditional stem foundation.

Alternatively, if no permit is required, you could use wood skids on gravel as the foundation of your custom shed. Wood skids are easy to install and less expensive than concrete slabs. They provide good support for your shed’s structure but won’t protect against moisture or damage from the elements. If you decide to use wood skids, treat them with a sealant and check them regularly for rot and signs of wear.

Finally, pier blocks are another option for your shed foundation. Pier blocks provide reasonable support and can be installed quickly and easily. They are also less expensive than concrete slabs or wood skids. However, like with the wood skids, they won’t protect against moisture or other elements.

An Overview of the Cost of a Custom Shed

Creating a custom shed is the perfect way to make your outdoor space more organized and inviting. But how much does it cost to build one?

The cost of a custom shed will vary depending on size, materials, and labor costs. 

Remember to pay attention to what is included in the price. You may find out that some ads for sheds include a shell, or even a frame only. We regularly see shed vendors that offer no foundation, no utility connection, no transportation, no sales tax, and definitely no permits.


But generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 for a full-size, great-quality shed.

For a 10×12-foot pre-built insulated shed, the typical cost is around $35,000. That includes materials for a durable frame and a weather-resistant roof. Depending on the project’s complexity, installation labor costs can range from $2,000 to $25,000.

However, as soon as you start customizing – you price goes up exponentially. A builder may offer a $48,000 base model shed. But if you make it bigger, change the roof or add more windows, the price can go way North. We have done estimates where the costs for a complete custom shed were from $70,000 to $180,000. 

If you’d still like to add a bit of personality to your custom shed, consider adding an attractive door or window. A sliding barn-style door is an excellent option for creating a unique and rustic look. These can be purchased pre-built or assembled onsite. Choose cedar shakes for the roofing material for a more natural, rustic look. Not recommended for those in WUI or high fire hazard zones. You can try green roof instead. But a metal roof is a foolproof, or rather, fireproof solution. One thing to remember – let you designer know up front so it is included in the construction drawings.

custom shed with green roof

If you want to save money on your custom shed project, consider using recycled materials. For instance, you can purchase salvaged windows or doors from architectural salvage stores instead of buying new ones. You can also find reclaimed wood that could be used for framing.

When selecting materials for your custom shed, consider the climate in your area. Choose materials that are designed to stand up to extreme temperatures and moisture environments. Consider investing in galvanized steel hardware or pre-treated lumber if you live in an area with a high risk of termite infestations.

Finally, know that building a custom shed on your own is possible. Still, it’s also important to consider hiring a professional contractor if you want the job done right. A reliable contractor will have access to quality materials and be able to ensure that the construction of the shed meets any local building codes.

backyard studio shed

Custom sheds unlimited: Improvise in your backyard!

Custom sheds offer many advantages when creating a functional, unique space for your hobbies or home office. With the right design and materials, you can create an outdoor living area that’s both beautiful and functional.

And with careful planning and budgeting, you can ensure it fits your desired cost range. So start exploring shed designs today and get ready to turn your dream space into a reality.

white shed on gravel and blocks

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