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Extra Space For You And Your Family.

This ADU floor plan, 750 sf of  flexible space, can be used as a guest house and home office, place for older parents or adult kids, or as a rare rental that can house a whole family. 

Feel free to compare it to our 1 bedroom 1 bathroom 400 sf ADU.  Or to a 200 sf ADU. ADUs are small homes, where every foot matters.

It delivers value through its three key features:

  1. Lower impact fees
  2. Efficient use of space 
  3. Flexibility for residents 
750 square feet - What can fit in?

ADU Floor Plan

Backyard home

A two bedroom house is a standalone residence that typically includes two bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, and a living area that may include a kitchen and a living room. People often opt for one bathroom because of the costs. The second bathroom can easily add $25,000 – and this number does not include additional expenses for plumbing or utility connection costs.

The bedrooms are usually designed to accommodate one or two people each and are typically located on opposite sides of the house for privacy. Each bedroom usually includes a bed, a closet, and a window for natural light, egress and ventilation. The master bedroom is generally larger than the second bedroom, and may have its own bathroom. The second bedroom is usually slightly smaller, and shares a bathroom with the rest of the house.

The living area is typically an open concept space that includes a kitchen and a living room. The kitchen must include basic appliances such as a stove, hood, refrigerator, and sink, as well as storage for dishes, utensils, and food. This is a general requirement to make it an ADU. The living room includes a seating area, such as a couch or chairs, and may also include a fireplace or a television.

The house’s size can vary, but generally it’s larger than a one-bedroom house, it can range from 700 square feet to 1200 square feet. It may also have a small patio or a porch, or both – it all depends on what a backyard allows. The house is designed to maximize the use of space while still providing all the necessary amenities for comfortable living.

Some two-bedroom house ADU floor plans have a laundry room or, at least, a dedicated laundry closet. It’s also possible to have a two-bedroom house with a loft, ADUs can be as high as 16 feet. The loft can be used as a third bedroom, storage or office.

Modern. Durable. Low Emissions. Healthy. Comfortable. Money-saving. Carefree maintenance.

Stunning Features of This 750 Square Feet House Plan

Living Area
  • Open space living/dining/kitchen with natural lighting
  • Dual-pane glass windows for lower utility bills
  • Smart HVAC unit for comfort
  • Modern frameless cabinet doors
  • Pre-fab quartz countertops
  • All electric appliances
  • High efficiency fan for moisture control
  • Smooth wall finish for fast cleaning time
  • Window for natural light
  • Solar panels for lower energy costs
  • Composite low maintenance decking
  • Lifetime warranty shingles

750 square foot ADU floor plan

All In One Solution

$300,000 or $1750/mo

Sq Feet

750 sq ft

Bed / Bath

2Bed / 1Bath

*30 year, 5.7% APR, 680+ credit score for primary residence cash-out refinance. Your Loan Estimate terms may differ.

Other floor plans available

A modular 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit

This smaller ADU floor plan of 580 sf includes two bedrooms on opposite sides of the unit, a living space with a kitchenette in the middle, and a bathroom with a stacked washer/drier.

Pricing starts at $180,000 for the modular unit itself, entitlement (surveys, plan set, building permit fees), transportation and crane. Site work (foundation and utilities) depends on property specifics and will add ~$70,000+ to the budget.

Overall, it typically takes 3 months to permit, 2 months to prepare the site, one day to install the unit, 2 weeks to build the deck, connect utilities and complete the project.

Select the floor plan that works for you, your family and your property

Why people build ADUs?

The price tag for a new accessory dwelling unit often seems high. Remember to compare it to the price of a new house in the area. Let us revisit again the reasons people build ADUs:

Add space for a home office

As you are now working mostly from home you need additional space. This helps you to set up your work table and a way to separate your work and family lives. This will help you focus more on your work and have fewer distractions than working form your home.

Accommodate your aging parents or in-laws

The pandemic has brought in a sense of insecurity in the minds of all. This is more so in the minds of the aged people. You may have to accommodate your aged parents or in-laws who want to have you near them

Generate additional income by renting your ADU

There is a serious housing crisis in California. You can rent out your ADU to earn substantial rental income. Former condo tenants who want to avoid crowded high-rise buildings are your market.

Decrease your mortgage payment through House hacking

When you have constructed your ADU,  you can rent it out for a good amount. This can take care of a major part or the entire mortgage payment.

Create a living space that can evolve and adopt

Modern-day detached ADUs are versatile. In California, you can legally build them to as big as 1200 sq. feet. This gives a comfortable two-bedroom living space with all modern features.

Increase property value

With the right home addition design, the ADU will be able to add to the resale value of your house. A future home buyer will be interested to buy a new house with an accessory dwelling unit for all the above mentioned reasons.

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