ADU floor plans 500 sq ft: Smart, Minimal, Efficient

I bed, 1 bathroom, loft for storage and more

ADU Floor Plans 500 sq ft can become a living place for older parents, a pad for an adult kid, a combo of a guest house and home office. It can be built wheelchair accessible. With the height limit of an ADU, we can easily provide a loft for storage space.

500 square feet - What can fit in?

Permit-ready ADU Floor Plan

small ADU 456 sf
Modern. Durable. Low Emissions. Healthy. Comfortable. Money-saving. Carefree maintenance.

What Is Included in This 500 Square Feet House Plan

Living Area
  • Open space living/dining/kitchen with natural lighting
  • Dual-pane glass windows for lower utility bills
  • Smart HVAC unit for comfort
  • Modern frameless cabinet doors
  • Pre-fab quartz countertops
  • All electric appliances
  • High efficiency fan for moisture control
  • Smooth wall finish for fast cleaning time
  • Window for natural light
  • Solar panels for lower energy costs
  • Composite low maintenance decking
  • Lifetime warranty shingles
ADU under 500sf Farmhouse style

All In One Solution

Starting from $265,000 

Sq Feet

500 sq ft

Bed / Bath

1Bed / 1Bath

Other 500 sq ft ADU floor plans available

1 bedroom 1 bathroom units

There is a number of pre-designed floor plans in our library – we have I shaped ADU, L shaped ADU and more.

ADU floor plans 500 sf include one bedroom and one bathroom, but we can adapt floor plans to your requirements if you need a bigger studio-like living space.

Every thousand dollars matters when you look at an ADU as an investment into your property. This is why we try to save you money with pre-designed plans. 


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Why people build smaller ADUs? 

The price tag for a new accessory dwelling unit often seems high. ADUs under 800 sf are allowed in the state of California by right – with a few exceptions like high fire hazard zones. Plus, ADUs under 750 sf are not subject to impact fees saving you thousand of dollars. When it comes to ADUs less than 500 square feet, they are not subject to school impact fees. 

The 500 sf space can accommodate aging in place features for your aging parents or in-laws

The pandemic has brought in a sense of insecurity in the minds of all. This is more so in the minds of the aged people. You may accommodate your aged parents or in-laws who want to have you near them in the 500 sq ft ADU floor plan.

The recipe to get an ADU built is quite simple – be specific about your goals, get the design and permits done by someone who knows ADU laws, get the bids from contractors who had built homes before, watch the budget like a hawk as every line matters, get the materials in before the construction crew arrives and stay on top of it in case of any unforeseen changes.

Want to know how we managed other projects? We have case studies for you.

500 sq ft ADU sounds like a challenge?

We make it easy to get started


Create property site plan

Let us answer three questions together: 1. How big can you build? 2. How much of a backyard you can dedicate to new living space? 3. How much you can afford to spend on construction.


Select the best 500 sq ft ADU floor plan

We do not like to invent wheels or bicycles. Let us get started with the plan that fits most of your requirements and then tweak it to make it shine in your backyard.


Assign the team

The success of a construction project hinges on how well the team communicates. You have a contractor you like? Bring her on board. We are happy to support you with the design, engineering and construction – when needed.


Gather Necessary Documents

Let us start with the best information available. What do you already have? Title report. Floor plan or site plan of your main house. Survey. Soil report. All these documents are a great foundation for your future successful construction project. Pun intended.


Compile the permit plan set

The number of pages in your plan set can differ from 8 to 140 (no kidding). It all depends on property specifics and city (or county) requirements. The better prepared your first submission is, the faster you get your permits. 


Respond to Plan Checker comments

Do you know that the most frequent reason it takes such a long time to pull permits is the number of weeks that passed between the day the city had given plan check comments and the day your team responded to them?

We are here to help you build the right ADU for you

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ADU Floor PLan 500 sq ft is a sweet spot

Is ADU a good investment?

Legally permitted ADU, built well and on a reasonable budget, is a good investment.

Legally permitted means you have applied for a building permit and, after the construction,  had it finaled by the building inspector. Built well – means built with materials of good quality and by an experienced crew. Reasonable budget means that whatever you have spent on the ADU has a chance to get reflected in the property value. An educated appraiser will value every square foot of the ADU (at least) the same as the price of a square foot in the main house.

Three homes in place of one

The legislation passed by California in January 2020 made it possible to add more livable space to a current single family home. You might be surprised by the number of options this law has opened for an average homeowner, who has become a real estate developer overnight.

These options include newly constructed detached or attached ADU and conversion of existing space (garage or basement). You are allowed to build up to 1200sf. This is your living space #2. As an additional option, you may convert existing square feet into a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit. This makes it your living space #3. Spread your family out or rent out.

ADU Floor Plans 500 sq ft

Challenges with financing

The challenge with some new financing solutions  is that the homeowner misses out on the lion share of the income and/or property appreciation. Your financing partner might be offering you  $300/mo income on the ADU, while if you were able to finance it yourself, your net income could be $850/mo. 

ADU size matters

Accessory Dwelling Unit is a small house. It needs utilities and foundation as much as your main house, but has less footprint to spread the costs over. Hence we always encourage you to build max possible.

Trenching for utilties costs the same whether it is for an ADU floor plan 500sq ft or 1200 sq ft. This is the type of fixed cost that makes per square foot costs ridiculously high for smaller ADUs.