Your outdoor office shed

Your Happy Place to Work From Home

Start your office shed project right with a complimentary site assessment visit from our friendly construction team – discuss location, setbacks, utility lines, window sizes and finishes for deck and flooring. Prices start at $48,000 – all basics in.

We will help find the best plan for your backyard. Our site visit is complimentary - you will get an estimate that includes the office shed and all site work.

What do you need to consider when building an outdoor office shed?


You will need to pour a concrete slab or build a wooden platform for your office. The size of the foundation will depend on the size of your shed and how many people will be using it.

Electrical supply

You must connect your office to the power grid. This can be done by running an underground cable from your house or installing a solar panel.

Solar orientation

You need to orient your office to receive enough natural light. This can be done by facing the office towards the sun or installing skylights.


You will need to install ventilation in your office to prevent the build-up of heat and humidity. This can be done by installing a fan or by opening windows.


You will need to insulate your office to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can be done by installing insulation in the walls and ceiling.


Our turnkey price includes framing, doors, windows, deck, interior finishes, outlets and lights. As soon as we finish, you can move into your new home office and start working. Just bring your table, chair and computer.

Let us build yours in 4 weeks

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We are working from our Los Altos and San Jose home offices right now and happy to jump on a call to discuss your project. 

Not sure it will look well in your backyard?
If you are reading this on your mobile - click on the image below and use our Instagram filter to check how our studio will look in your backyard. We have out the two together - one built IRL, the other - on Instagram.
What exterior do you favor?

We can match your main house looks or try something new