ADU floor plans 1200 sq ft

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, loft for storage and more

ADU floor plans 1200sf have a lot of space to address any family needs. The accessory dwelling unit of 1200sf can be a combo of guest house and home office, can be built wheelchair accessible, house a loft for storage space, can be used as a guest house and home office, place for older parents or adult kids, or as a rare rental that can house a whole family.

It can also be your home when you decide to downsize and move into this new low maintenance ADU while you rent your main house out for extra income or let you kids use a bigger house. 

1200 square feet - What can fit in?

Permit-ready ADU Floor Plan 1200sf

1200 sf ADU with 2 bedrooms
Modern. Durable. Low Emissions. Healthy. Comfortable. Money-saving. Carefree maintenance.

What Is Included in This 1200 Square Feet House Plan

Living Area
  • Open space living/dining/kitchen with natural lighting
  • Dual-pane glass windows for lower utility bills
  • Smart HVAC unit for comfort
  • Modern frameless cabinet doors
  • Pre-fab quartz countertops
  • All electric appliances
  • High efficiency fan for moisture control
  • Smooth wall finish for fast cleaning time
  • Window for natural light
  • Solar panels for lower energy costs
  • Composite low maintenance decking
  • Lifetime warranty shingles

1200sf 1200 sf ADU floor plan

All In One Solution

Starting from $425,000 

Sq Feet

1200 sq ft

Bed / Bath

2Bed / 2Bath

*30 year, 5.7% APR, 680+ credit score for primary residence cash-out refinance. Your Loan Estimate terms may differ.

Other floor plans available

2 bedroom 2 bathroom Plans

There is a number of pre-designed floor plans in our library – we have I shaped ADU, L shaped ADU and more.

Most ADU floor plans 1200sf boast two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but we can adapt floor plans to your requirements if you need a bigger bedroom, a bigger walk in closet or a luxury bathroom.

Every thousand dollars matters when you look at an ADU as an investment into your property. This is why we try to save you money with pre-designed plans. 


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What is the reason people are looking for ADU floor plans 1200sf? Why people build 1200 sf ADUs? What is magical about this number?

1200 sf is the biggest square footage for an ADU in California. That is, unless you have a huge barn in the backyard, then you can convert the barn into an ADU even if it is 3000sf.

No barn? 1200sf it is. To make the investment work in this high price construction market, you need to maximize the size to minimize the cost per square foot. The smaller the ADU, the bigger the price per square foot. You are spreading fixed costs like utility connections, meter upgrades, solar panels on a smaller square footage. This is why we advice to maximize the size to whatever will make sense on the property and whatever you can afford. You only build an ADU once.

The price tag for a new accessory dwelling unit often seems high – additional burden on bigger ADUs: they  are subject to impact fees. Remember to compare it to buying a new condo.

Extra bonus: you can dedicate some space for a home office

If you are working mostly from home you need additional space for work. The extra room helps you separate your work and family lives.

The ADU floor plans 1200sf have  enough space to  accommodate most demanding aging in place features for your aging parents or in-laws

The pandemic has brought in a sense of insecurity in the minds of all. This is more so in the minds of the people close to retirement age. You may have to accommodate your aged parents or in-laws who want to have you near them. If you have space in the backyard, this is a great investment into your real estate and into your family’s piece of mind.

Considering ADU floor plans 1200sf?