Bay Area Building Permit Expediter Services

We bring most value when you engage us from the very start of your project. This lets us avoid revisions of your existing plans.

We help busy homeowners permit homes and backyard accessory dwelling units. 
Owner-builder? No problem. We can help you with your permit, too. Let us handle all the details from start to finish, from an idea to a building permit. Moreover, our team saves our clients an average of 25% in time spent on coordinating different parties involved in the permit process.

Do not leave the selection of permit expediter till the last minute. The most time and money saved happens during pre-construction stage – BEFORE you paid off your architect (or designer) and engineers.

There is not much we can do after all plans are submitted to the city. Engage a permit expeditor at the same time as you engage your architect. Checks and balances are a nice system to have when you are undertaking something for the first time.

Today, finding the right contractor is complicated, to say the least. Do you know what contractors really love? Customers with issued building permits for their projects.

What is a building permit expediter?

You might think that a Building Permit Expediter is someone to hand off your permit documents, compile the set out of multiple files and fill in the application forms.

Our Building Permit Expediter works with surveyors, engineers, energy consultants, architects, designers, builders and modular manufacturers to make sure you, the home owner,  make only those decisions that have to be made at each point in time. Therefore, you get your permit as fast as possible. In case you wonder, it takes on average about 200 hours to get the plans ready for the Planning and Building Department review.

Ask Your Permit Expediter how you can save time and money

Three steps to get your building permit

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Find the Right Floor Plan

Let us get started on your project. First, outline your needs and style preferences. Then, a member from our concierge team will create a curated list of floor plans for your consideration and line up a team of experts to prepare plans. 

site visit before building permit
Schedule a Site Visit

Next, to confirm an optimal solution for you out of many available on the market, our experienced crew will do a walk-through of your property. We investigate access to backyard and utilities,  discuss construction costs and all trade offs. 

building permit plan set
Have the Permit Submitted

After a detailed assessment of local ordinance,  we will engage surveyors, engineers and energy consultants, get the documents ready, make sure your plan set meets all city or county requirements and get it submitted.  

Getting a building permit is a data challenge. As data scientists say, rubbish in – rubbish out. Make sure you are submitting the right package to your building department. This is the only way to expedite your building permit application.

Olesia ChikunovaCEO, HomeWiP

ADU Building Permit


Sq Feet

750 sq ft

Bed / Bath

2Bed, 1Bath

* Your estimate may differ depending on your jurisdiction, project size and site utilities.

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What is included in our building permit cost?

Design and structural engineering fees, energy consultant report (also known as Title 24 report), survey, geotechnical/soil report (if needed), sewer and water company report, planning and building department fees. If any of the surveys are not required, you will pay less.

What else will you get with our building permit expediter services? The expertise, judgment, and decision-making accumulated over the course of the many  building permits that preceded yours.

Our geography .

Where we work

Our concierge typically has around 10 permits in various stages of the permit process per month. We bring biggest value on new home construction. However, our pet project is your accessory dwelling unit – we are passionate advocates for compact backyard homes.  Today our team covers greater Bay Area – from South San Francisco to San Jose. We have worked with various jurisdictions including Redwood City, San Mateo, Menlo Park, Atherton, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, as well as Berkeley, Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Milpitas, constantly adding new locations. To sum it up, we know permit requirements and have everything in house to prepare.  Let’s get started today!

DIY steps for your ADU

Still in research mode?

  1. Wish list – exactly what you need and why.
  2. Define budget.
  3. Site feasibility – what you and your builder need to know about your property.
  4. Secure financing. It is available, whatever your situation is.
  5. Select design, then construction method and builder.
  6. Select finishes and fixtures to confirm scope and budget. Finalize plans. Apply for permit.
  7. Preparation. Utilities work. Foundation. Building.
  8. Pass building inspection and celebrate!
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Testimonial .

  • HomeWIP helped me build my ADU to rent out. Their knowledge of project milestones, typical costs and accurate budget have saved me headaches from figuring this all on my own. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build their next ADU.

    Julia Pinsky
    Teacher, Redwood City
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Our Founder .

Olesia loves everything about homes, from transforming them to building, to decorating.

Her own home-building project in the Bay Area showed her that you can not save money during construction. You can only plan to budget at the pre-construction stage. That means, BEFORE getting a permit.

Her advice? First, if you are building for the first time, make sure you have someone on your side who is not paid percentage of your project cost. Second, if you do not understand construction drawings, ask to see them in 3D, so that you know what you will get when the house is built.