Expand your living space
without moving -
with a backyard home

Peace of mind. Extra space. Equity growth.

Backyard homes provide additional space and/or income for your family.

On the property you already own.

We are here to navigate the project from idea to permit, from permit to a move-in ready house.  

Let us tailor yours to your backyard specifics and family needs.


For you – it starts with a chat.

For us –  it starts with in-depth research of your property. Our in-house property checklist covers 40 items. We leave no room for assumptions.


Our promise: no conflict of interest & no scope creep.


Unlike contractors’, our process minimizes change orders and thus helps keep costs under control.

We let you know about potential hidden construction issues upfront to avoid costly surprises.


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Save on design with our 500 backyard home plans

Biggest collection of ready-to-build backyard homes, guest houses, pool houses, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), granny flats, live-in garages, casitas, carriage houses...
ADU, backyard home, Granny flat
ADU, backyard home, garage house
ADU, backyard home, Casita
ADU, Backyard home, two story secondary home, carriage house

Ready to simplify your construction project?

No nonsense approach guaranteed.

A Backyard Home is an Investment into Your Home Equity. Let us consider all the details and get the most for your money.

We save you 10% in costs* with our curated services.

We handle all the details for backyard homes – from start to finish – every day. Proof is in our case studies.

We save you 25% in time on your backyard home design.

How? We have put the design process on its head. (Our jab at reverse engineering.)

You can see your future ADU virtually before you start paying money for architectural drawings. 

Why? Because often it is easier to correct than to create from scratch.

*Average savings on previous projects

How to be confident in your design decisions?

Pre-construction visuals

It works the same way as when you select options and upgrades for your car. Think Tesla car buying experience.

It lets you visualize as you work on your future backyard home with us – in 3d with a possibility to view it from various angles and even, with a sprinkle of AR magic, in your backyard.

  1. You select a floor plan.
  2. We show you a 3d model.
  3. You do an online interactive walkthrough.
  4. You gain confidence in your decisions.

Our in-house design guide covers 90 features in one bathroom alone.

All in one solution

Reflects true pricing from permits to move in

Starting from $325,000 

Sq Feet

750 sq ft

Bed / Bath

2Bed, 1Bath

How We Work

Personalized design for every backyard.

We firmly believe that every backyard is different.

So is every home owner.

This is why we do not offer one-size-fit-all solutions for backyard homes. You decide what shape, color and style backyard home you want to see in your backyard.

Prefab or custom site built. Small space, an odd-shaped lot? We do it all. Not only we have 300 small home floor plans in our library to pick from, we also know 150 American and 50 European prefab home manufacturers, local Architects, and Builders.

We will fit you with the best solution, saving you weeks of time. We have experience permitting ADUs and other accessory structures in many Bay Area jurisdictions and will get your permits faster. 

We have 100% success rate in permitting backyard homes. We will not invoice you until were are positive that we can do it.

Hack your own house – Build wealth with the property you already own, perfectly suited to your needs.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Project: Casita Construction

When I started on this journey, I was a total beginner. With this team I was much more confident in my decisions.


Jane Z., Redwood City

Project: ADU in WUI zone

When your future ADU is by a creek or has an easement next to it, is in WUI zone or has to be ADA accessible, or all four as was our case – there is no way a homeowner can figure it out on their own. You want this team on your side. 

Sam D., San Jose

Project: Aging in
place ADU

I really appreciate Olesia and her team for review and advice. The project moved much faster than if I was doing it all by myself.

Anne L., Mountain View

Interested in juicy details? Check out our case studies.

Our all-inclusive bidding process eliminates scope creep!

Wrong choice of a contractor adds months to your project. Wrong scope might add multiples to costs.

We define the right scope and match it to the right contractor. We guide you from start to successful completion of your project –  saving you from costly mistakes.

What Should Be in Your ADU Construction Estimate?

25 items to consider before starting a construction project
ADU Specialist

Our Founder .

My name is Olesia, and I have extensive home-building experience. Building my first house in US (fifth, if we count all countries I had built in prior to that) turned out to be my most expensive education. I lost thousands of dollars just because I didn’t know how to ask the right questions at the right time. With Homewip, I am making a change in this market. We are here to make sure the homeowners are not taken advantage of just because it is their first construction project. Construction can be a nightmare – but it doesn’t have to be. Let us at HomeWiP create your true home – without the nightmare.

Rescue your home from overcrowding with a detached in-law suite

Explore Our Permit Ready ADU Plans
ADU Floor Plans 500 sq ft

This one bedroom one bathroom can be executed in an L shaped or in a more traditional I shape layout depending on the space in your backyard.

800 sq ft ADU Floor Plan

This two bedroom two bathroom ADU has a primary en suite bathroom and an additional bathroom with access from the living area.

1000 sq ft ADU Floor Plan

This two bedroom two bathroom ADU has a primary en suite bathroom and an additional bathroom with access from the living area. The kitchen has an option to be a separate room.

Does the thought of talking to planning department, developing a plan, selecting the right design, picking the best layout, making sure existing features match the new ones, figuring out the price range, fitting ideas into the budget, looking for contractors, vetting the contractors, comparing bids, selecting the best option, following building codes, pulling permits, selecting finishes and fixtures, scheduling, facing hidden costs lead to an overwhelming decision paralysis?

May our team take over? Talk to our ADU expert and see Home WiP in action.

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