Our construction concierge service saves clients 10% of total costs commonly over-spent on change orders. This means $100,000 on every $1,000,000 spent. Value of time saved - priceless. We are a shortcut, that pays for itself.
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Our Founder, Your Ally

Olesia had several pre-fab homes built, and firmly believes the construction horror stories boil down to miscommunications between homeowners and their construction teams. This was the reason she founded HomeWiP - so that an average homeowner did not have to get a degree in Construction Sciences to be able to have a happy construction experience.

Imagine a knowledgeable assistant standing next to you and guiding you through the construction. Here you will get help from someone who has been down this road before.
There are real estate brokers, mortgage brokers... Well, Homewip is like a construction broker - walking you through every step and eliminating options before one gets overwhelmed.
As a first time homeowner, I would have made a lot of stupid and expensive mistakes, if it was not for Olesia's guidance. And with Homewip 3D visuals, I could really see if I would like it before it was started.

Make your house future ready, be it family, work or retirement.

Would you like to know what is possible on your property?

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See before you buy

Would you like to walk through your house as soon as it is designed? All we need is the drawing of the floor plan - with measurements. And in 2 days you can do a virtual walkthrough. We can do it for ADUs, major home remodels or new construction projects. Offered at $290.

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