She Shed, your personal oasis

Create your personal space, perfectly suited to your needs.

We proudly install custom she sheds throughout the Bay Area. As a result, you can work, exercise, create, or just relax in peace. Whatever the style –  traditional or modern  – your she shed will look stunning. Above all else, your she shed will be built for functionality.

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Whether you’re seeking a private gym, workshop, backyard office, or beyond, our she sheds offer endless opportunities. Additionally, these backyard structures complement your home’s natural aesthetic.

Transform your backyard with a versatile she shed studio.

Our shed is a solid structure built so well you could live in it.

What will you do in your she shed?

Each she shed is meticulously crafted.

Imagine the Possibilities of Extra Space

Red shed modern look
From 200 Sq Ft to 600 Sq Ft - see what fits in each floor plan size

6 Popular She Shed Plans

200 sq ft ADU Floor Plan

200 sq ft

Minimal size of an accessory dwelling unit by law is 150 sf ft. We are able to fit a bathroom and small kitchenette into a 200 sf ft studio.

300 sq ft ADU Floor Plan

300 sq ft

300 sq ft will make a comfortable she shed with a kitchenette and more room for a proper bathroom. 

350 sq ft ADU Floor Plan

350 sq ft

The smallest size we offer where you can fit a tiny guest bedroom in addition to the open space used for living and eating.

400 sq ft ADU Floor Plan

400 sq ft

Reasonable size for a small one guest bedroom dwelling unit. The bathroom has enough space for a tub. The size of the kitchen can be adjusted according to your needs.

ADU Floor Plans 500 sq ft

500 sq ft

This one bedroom one bathroom can be executed in an L shaped or in a more traditional I shape layout depending on the space in your backyard. Combine your hobby space and a guest room.

600 sq ft ADU Floor Plan

600 sq ft

This one guest bedroom one bathroom can be executed in an T shaped or L shape layout depending on the space in your backyard. The layout is usually governed by access and privacy considerations.

Essentials of any she shed floor plan


To feel comfortable when using your she shed, it needs to be well insulated. Type of insulation will be called out in your Title 24 report if you decide to build the unit as an ADU.

Kitchen Appliances

If you need water for your hobbies, ADU is the best option. All ADU floor plans should show sink, cooktop, hood and fridge. These items are essential for anyone living permanently in the ADU.

Generous Windows

Use windows to make the space feel larger. Increased window size and glass sliding doors allow for natural lighting and ventilation. 

HVAC and Ventilation

No need for heating or cooling? Build an accessory structure. Ductless mini splits are an accepted way to heat and cool your ADU. Energy Recovery Ventilators are an energy-efficient way to maintain indoor air quality.

Water Heater (Heat Pump)

Will you need hot water? As California goes all electric, think about the sizing of your pump – it depends on the number of people using water in your she shed.

Finished Interior

Our she shed interiors are move in ready – walls painted in your favorite color, flooring, outlets, light switches and lighting installed. Bring in your furniture and accessories.

Modern Comforts

Countless Features. Unparalleled Comfort.

  • Seamless natural lighting and airflow
  • Ultra energy-efficient, cost-saving windows and sliding doors
  • Comprehensive wall, ceiling and floor insulation
  • Optional HVAC unit for seasonal shifts
Interior Details
  • One switch, one circuit breaker, and three double outlets
  • Easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant flooring
  • LED lighting or optional wellness lighting
Exterior Features
  • Painted smart panels or cedar planks
  • Concrete foundation
  • Reliable waterproof roofing
  • Composite low maintenance decking

A Shed that takes on your personal style

Starting from $48,000


120 sf/ 2 sliding doors / 1 deck

*Most jurisdictions require a building permit for structures that have power.

Customize your design in detail.

Personalized Upgrades

In addition to countless standard features, you can upgrade your she shed studio. From skylights to custom windows to HVAC units and everything in between, your goals are our priority.

For instance, you might consider adding a fan or incorporating black window frames. Furthermore, a different sliding door location may suit your backyard layout. In cases such as these, we invite you to get in touch to learn your options.

ADU vs. Custom Modern Shed?

In general, modern ADUs require building permits. Likewise, they can cost upwards of $150,000. If, however, you have the budget to build your she shed as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), they may be a worthwhile investment. 


In contrast, modern shed studios take just weeks to complete. Additionally, they cost significantly less. As a result, you can start focusing more on what matters most with elevated privacy.


On the one hand, you might consider an ADU to secure ROI. On the other hand, a custom modern backyard shed is designed to improve your quality of life within two months.