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Are you making the most out of your backyard? Don’t settle for a standard unfinished shed. Our done-for-you backyard office sheds offer a stylish way to transform your unused space into a productivity powerhouse. We cover everything from design to construction, enabling you to work from home without distractions.

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Imagine working remotely, building your business, or pursuing your side hustle from an ultra-modern space right in your backyard.

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Never expected to say so about a construction project, but it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. We are enjoying a wonderful addition to our home and backyard so much! Thank you.

Kevin M.
San Jose

The team has been most pleasant to have around, and we are absolutely delighted. The building does look cool, and the whole job has been carried out with maximum efficiency on a very tight schedule.

Susan F.
San Mateo

It’s a pleasure doing business with people who do what they say, on time, professionally, and with no fuss. The building is perfect for my needs. No more compromises on working from home.

Matthew C.
Redwood City
Prices start at $48,000

Elevate Your Home with a Stunning Backyard Workspace

Whether you’re using your newfound space as a home office, hobby room, or personal studio, you can trust our HomeWip team to select only high-quality materials and take a detail-oriented approach from the foundation to the finish.
All-in backyard office construction

Take a Firsthand Look at Our Process

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One Outdoor Office. Limitless Possibilities.

See how a studio shed would look in your backyard

Virtual Backyard Office Simulator

To see how a home office would look in your backyard, simply click the image below from your mobile device. Then go to your backyard and use our Instagram filter to see how our shed will look in your space.
Our backyard home offices align with virtually any style, theme, or design scheme. Now, we invite you to start enhancing your efficiency, putting more ‘me time’ in your schedule. Get away without going anywhere at all. Your backyard office space is what you make it. Get started with a complimentary consultation followed by an on-site visit to determine feasibility and pricing.
Explore a myriad of styles and finishes

Bring Out the Best in Your Backyard with a Home Office Shed

If you need a bigger home office

Three more ways to add space for your home office

tiny home studio

Tiny Home, Small ADU

Looking for a newly built detached solution with a bathroom and kitchenette? This type of projects start at $158,000.

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garage conversion

Garage conversion

If you need an extra room for an office without taking space in your backyard, an ADU garage conversion might be a good option. Starting at $90,000.

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accessory structure

Accessory Building

There are jurisdictions that allow accessory structures with plumbing fixtures. Permits required. Starting at $75,000.

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