Extra Space for you Comfortable Modern Shed Extra Space For You, not Your Family

Let us get you some quiet space.

Our modern shed is a ~120 sf accessory structure that may become your she shed, man cave or home office.

This 120 sf floor plan, can be used  in a variety of ways. This modern shed could be your gym, art studio, workshop, storage for your prized collection, yoga studio, or your office cubicle if you are missing one.

Lots of natural light. Perfect private space.

Fancy a shed?

modern shed
Looks to match the main house. Durable. Healthy. Comfortable.

Cute Features

  • Open space with abundant natural lighting with great indoor/outdoor flow
  • Double glazed energy rated windows and sliding doors for lower utility bills
  • Insulated floor and walls to maintain inside temperature
  • Add HVAC unit for extra comfort
  • Three double outlets, one switch and circuit breaker
  • Moisture resistant laminate flooring for easy cleaning
  • LED lighting, or add wellness lighting for extra comfort
  • Siding to match the main house, painted LP smart panels or cedar planks
  • Six 12 inch concrete piers as foundation
  • 2-ply roofing
  • Composite low maintenance decking

All In One Solution



120 sf/ 2 sliding doors / 1 deck

*no building permit required in most jurisdictions.

A studio to fit your needs

Fancy upgrades available

We can customize window and sliding door locations, add skylights, HVAC or fans, match the exterior to the main house. Stylish black frames windows available on request. Please, expect longer delivery times for all custom options.

Other floor plans available

Custom or modular unit?

There are smaller floor plans if your backyard is tiny. We can come out for a site visit and help you determine the best size.

It typically takes 1 week to prepare the site, 3 weeks to build the structure and 1 more week to build the deck, connect utilities and complete the project. 6 weeks to a modern shed in your backyard.

We also offer modular office pods that can be delivered with a crane. If your backyard has the right access and your budget allows, we can offer a modular office mod. 

Pricing starts at $60,000 for the modular unit itself, transportation and crane. Site work (foundation and utilities) depends on property specifics and will add ~$10,000+ to the budget.

Overall, it typically takes 1 week to prepare the site, one day to install the modular unit, 2 weeks to build the deck, connect utilities and complete the project.


We are here to help you add extra space

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    ADU or modern shed?

    If you have money and resources to build your office as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) – by all means do so, it is a great investment.

    The price tag for a new accessory dwelling unit starts at $150,000. Not everyone has this much cash  at their disposal. That’s why people often opt for a quicker solution – a modern shed, that is considered by the local jurisdictions an accessory structure for recreational use (not habitable living space).

    As you are now working mostly from home you need additional space. This helps you to set up your work table and a way to separate your work and family lives. This will help you focus more on your work and have fewer distractions while working form your home.