Transform your backyard with a versatile modern shed studio

Our modern shed is a ~120 sf accessory structure built so well you could live in it.

We proudly install 10×12 and 8×15 modern sheds throughout the Bay Area. As a result, you can work, exercise, create, or just relax in peace. Unlike conventional sheds, these sleek modern shed studios look stunning. Above all else, they are built for functionality.

We can also design, permit and build custom sheds – please schedule a call to discuss timeline and pricing.

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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

I really needed a backyard shed for my son’s office. I scanned the market and thought the Red Shed price was best value for money. The crew had been sensitive to my needs during construction, and they keep checking in to ensure I enjoy the studio. I have had their unit for about a year and had no issues with it. I only wish I had added on skylight, gutters and the shades straight away.

Matthew G.
San Mateo
Modern Shed - Modern Comforts

Countless Features. Unparalleled Comfort.

  • Seamless natural lighting and airflow
  • Ultra energy-efficient, cost-saving windows and sliding doors
  • Comprehensive wall, ceiling and floor insulation
  • Optional HVAC unit for seasonal shifts
Interior Details
  • One switch, one circuit breaker, and three double outlets
  • Easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant flooring
  • LED lighting or optional wellness lighting
Exterior Features
  • Painted smart panels or cedar planks
  • Concrete piers foundation
  • Reliable waterproof roofing
  • Composite low maintenance decking
Each modern outdoor shed is meticulously crafted as well as naturally lit.

Imagine the Possibilities of Extra Space

Red shed modern look

Whether you’re seeking a private gym, workshop, backyard office, or beyond, a 120 sf modern shed offers endless opportunities. Additionally, these backyard structures are custom painted to complement your home’s natural aesthetic.

One Solution. Limitless Uses.

Starting from $48,000


120 sf/ 2 sliding doors / 1 deck

*Most jurisdictions do require a building permit.

Customize your modern shed design in detail.

Personalized Upgrades

In addition to countless standard features, you can upgrade your modern shed studio. From skylights to custom windows to HVAC units and everything in between, your goals are our priority.

For instance, you might consider adding a fan or incorporating black window frames. Furthermore, a different sliding door location may suit your backyard layout. In cases such as these, we invite you to get in touch to learn your options.

Other options. Additional floor plans.

Modular or Custom Backyard Sheds?

Throughout the Bay Area, backyards come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, you may not have the space for a 120 sf modern shed. In this case, we can deliver smaller, custom sizing.


Our process is simple. First, we visit the site. Next, we conduct one week of site prep. Then, we build the structure in three weeks. Lastly, we take one week to build the deck and connect the utilities. Overall, the process takes six weeks to complete or longer if you opt for custom upgrades.


While custom modern backyard sheds are popular, we offer module options. If your backyard is accessible, we can then crane in a pre-built modular office pod.


So as to cover the transport, crane, and unit costs, modular pricing starts at $60,000. Additionally, foundation work and utility connections may add $10,000 or more.


Overall, these take one week for site preparation. Afterward, we need just one day for installation. Lastly, we take a few days for the deck installation and utility connections.

If you are looking for more space and are ready to wait for permits

Modern sheds in bigger sizes: 150sf, 200 sf and 250sf

We have spent time thinking through modern shed design.

We have multiple modern shed plans

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or a Custom Modern Shed?

In general, ADUs require building permits. Likewise, they can cost upwards of $150,000. If, however, you have the capital to build your office as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), they may be a worthwhile investment in your location.


In contrast, modern shed studios take just weeks to complete. Additionally, they cost significantly less. As a result, you can start focusing more on what matters most with elevated privacy.


A custom modern backyard shed is designed to improve your quality of life within two months.