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Is there anything better than being able to work from home? Being able to roll out of bed, put on some sweat pants, and start pounding out emails in your living room is definitely a perk of the job. But what if you could take that one step further and have your own office right in your backyard? Believe it or not, this is a real thing – and it’s called an office pod. Or an outdoor office pod.

Start your home office pod project right with a complimentary site assessment visit from our friendly construction team – discuss location, setbacks, utility lines, window sizes and finishes for deck and flooring. Prices start at $48,000 – all basics in.

We will help find the best plan for your backyard. Our site visit is the best way to kick start your project - you will get an estimate that includes the outdoor office pod and all site work. You will understand if the project is feasible and can be done quickly, or if it requires some other work (a panel upgrade, as an example).

What Is A Backyard Office Pod?

Backyard office pods, also known as garden offices or shed offices, are becoming increasingly popular as more people work from home. These prefabricated or custom-built structures can be placed in your backyard and provide you with a private, quiet space to work. Unlike a traditional home office, outdoor office pods are not attached to your actual house, which means they require less construction and attract less attention from local authorities. Mind, a building permit is still required in most cases if you need power outlets. And who does not these days?

What do you need in your office pod?

Our turnkey price includes foundation piers, framing, doors, windows, deck, interior finishes, outlets and lights. As soon as we finish, you can move into your new home office and start working.

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We make sure the look of the studio matches your main house looks

Backyard office pods can be easily customized to match the style of your home and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re looking for a place to conduct business meetings or simply need a quiet space to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a backyard office pod may be the perfect solution for you.

Need additional arguments to persuade your significant other?

10 Benefits Of Having An Office Pod In Your Backyard

Should People Buy Backyard Office Pods?

Now that we’re coming out of lockdown, many people are rethinking their work-life balance. For some, that means working from home one or two days a week. For others, it means quitting their job and starting their own business. But what if there was a third option? What if you could have the best of both worlds by working from an outdoor office pod?


Backyard office pods are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer a private quiet space where you can get away from the distractions of home and focus on work. And because they’re outdoors, you don’t have to worry about taking up valuable indoor space in the main house. Plus, they can be a great way to get some fresh air and vitamin D while you work! Just plan for the deck and some sliding doors.


Of course, there are some downsides to working from a backyard office pod. For one thing, they can be expensive to buy or build. And if you live in an area with bad weather, you’ll need to make sure your pod is well insulated and has heat and light so you can use it year-round. But if you’re looking for a unique way to boost your productivity and work-life balance, an outdoor office pod might be just what you need.

Working from home can be isolating – individual work of a single person is not for everyone. Different environments work for different personalities. Remember those open floor plans of pre-pandemic times? Constant interruptions were part of everyday work environment. Distractions abound in open floor workspaces in the same way as at home if you are working at your kitchen table.

No wonder office managers tried everything in office spaces to ensure productivity at work – from acoustic pods to meeting booths. No wonder backyard work pods are considered the best solution for workplace happiness. The best outdoor office pods still boast some features of office phone booths. They often advertise sound insulation and a ventilation system, minimalist design and proper background for video conferences.

A backyard home office pod can help increase your focus and concentration, leading to greater productivity. Turnkey backyard offices have everything needed for uninterrupted time.

Improved Mental Health

The fresh air and natural light that come with working outside can improve your mood and decrease stress levels, leading to better physical and mental health overall.

Enhanced Creativity

Being in nature has been shown to boost creativity and problem-solving skills. So if you’re feeling stuck on a project, take it outside to your office pod for a fresh perspective.

Save Money

Working from home can save you money on things like commuting costs, dry cleaning, and eating out. And if you have a home office, you can deduct a portion of your rent or mortgage on your taxes

Get Some Exercise

If you have a garden, you can take advantage of the location and get some fresh air and exercise during your break times. Just a few minutes of walking can improve your energy and focus for the rest of the day.

Improved Office Environment

One of the benefits of working from home is having a better work/life balance. With an office pod, you can take work calls in your PJs and then take the kids to the park after lunch without having to worry about finding child care.

Be More Environmentally Friendly

Working from home can help you reduce your carbon footprint. You’ll use less gas and generate less traffic by not commuting to an office every day.

Avoid Office Politics

If you’re sick of office drama and office politics, working from home in your office pod can help you avoid it altogether.

Work On Your Tan

If you live in a warm climate, working from your office pod in the backyard can give you the perfect opportunity to work on your tan. Just don’t forget the sunscreen! You are a phone call away anyway.

Watch Your Own Food Grow

Unexpected benefit, right? If you have a green thumb, you can use your office pod as a place to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Not only will you save money on groceries, but you’ll also have the freshest food possible.

Perks Of Having An Office Pod In Your Backyard

If you’re considering adding an office pod to your backyard, be sure to research all of the different options and different sizes available so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. Additional perk? You will be the only one who decides if you are getting a built-in desk or an adjustable desk. Design of your personal open plan office is your personal decision. Best office pods are the ones that suit YOU. Bring in your grandmother’s desk if it makes you smile. Or your grandfather’s clock if it makes you tick.


The many benefits that come with having an office pod in your backyard make it a great investment for anyone who often works from home. From the increased privacy and quietness to the fresh air and natural light, there are numerous reasons why an outdoor office space can be beneficial.