Would you like to get more designers to use your company as a supplier?
How about getting younger designers on board?
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Present your fabric

The image of your fabric will land in our  tool. Visualizing is the best way to help customers feel confident in their purchasing decision. Make sure we showcase your fabric to our clients – not your competitors’!

Present your hardware

Hardware is not an easy product to sell – with all the details involved. Placing the information on your product at your designers’ fingertips and on clients’ site might be the final argument in a decision to buy.

Present your accessories

We are inviting trim and accessories manufacturers and vendors to have a presence in the drapery ordering flow. Grow your market by being present when a purchasing decision is being made.

Available on the App Store for iOS devices for quick on the go calculations of fabric. Measurements and fabric selection will be uploaded to the desktop version when you are ready to sync.

Home WiP Lite

Home WiP Inc

Why would designers use it?

We have created this program to save designers time and money on each and every order. Work orders for draperies and shades are easily processed in Seven simple steps using the information provided. For $ 9.99 per month to use. Why not? Wouldn’t you pay 10 bucks to have 4 hours per month freed up ( and that is a conservative estimate).


HomeWiP helps to get designers on board. It could help you get new clients without any extra effort. All you need to do is share with us your pricelist and product images, we will do the rest.