Need a sales and project manager?
We work for you

We are your sales rep

With HomeWiP, you get better leads – homeowners educated on building codes, time constraints, selections that need to be made. Our process is focused and transparent. We send the client to you with the feasibility study completed – they are ready to sign the construction contract, reference check done. We are not a GC, so we do not compete with you, we work FOR you. You decide who your client is. We match them by demographics, requirements, site and budget constraints.

Earn more with our in-house design team.

Our Design Services .

Virtual Walkthrough

We provide ADU builders with 3D models that their clients can walkthrough. Online. No software download needed. You can also embed it on your website. Engage your customers.

3D Interiors

Your homes come with interior design renders, making it easy to imagine what is possible in an ADU of 350, 500, 750 or 1000 square feet. Offer personalized design.

Design Services for ADU Builders

Design Library

We have thousands of items to design with and lots of design templates. Our tools allow to easily swap styles and designs to make it your own. Showcase your preferred vendors to earn more.

Tools of ADU Builder
Solutions for ADU Builders

Complete Permit Management

  • We manage the permit submittal while you build more backyard homes.
  • You save time getting from initial client meeting to start of construction.
  • We streamline the flow of information between multiple consultants.
Special Offer for Our Clients

Site Support for ADU Builders

With Homewip, modular builders have guaranteed site support in the Bay Area. We offer site visits to confirm feasibility, as well as site work crew at your disposal. Utility trenching? Yes. Foundation work? Just let us know your requirements: slab, perimeter or screw piles. We have a specialized contractor on standby. Coordinating with the crane? Done. One caveat: partnership contract required to get on schedule.

site work support for ADU builders

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