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From your hand-drawn floor plan to a move-in ready home.

Order site analysis and ordinance research, select construction method and company, share your design preferences, select fixtures and monitor construction process every step without misunderstandings or scope creep – all with HomeWIP construction concierge.

Our Home Building Solution .

Our Building Concierge guides you from style decisions to every aspect of your home building process. Monitor your house as it gets build, communicate with the builder, select fixtures and sign off work.

Imagine .

First, turn your design preferences into a floor plan that you and your builder can work with.

1000 SF L shaped backyard home

Visualize .

Second, select windows, doors, finishes and fixtures, appliances, and furniture.
HomeWiP will create an online 3D model that you will monitor during the construction process.

Build .

  • Approve builder selection
  • Sign off on every step of the construction process
  • Approve Change orders
  • Monitor as your new home gets build
  • Visualize every step in your virtual 3D home

Home Building Costs

Construction costs, both for labor and materials, have been going up. If you want to build to your budget, you have to plan and design for that budget. This is hard to understand for anyone new to construction.

Let us give you a couple of examples.

You have selected a home builder who has only built slab foundations and stick built homes. He will never suggest to save you time and money using hybrid foundation and trusses.

If you have selected an architect who has only drawn plans for traditional homes and asked him to build you a home out of containers, he will over-engineer it, and you will not be able to afford building it.

Imagine, your landscape designer is not interested in structural details of retaining walls, they will never let you know that you can use helical screw systems to drive the costs of decks and retaining walls down.

Bottom line: cost structure in construction is complicated, everything is interconnected. Without understanding those connections homeowners make a lot of costly mistakes.

Change orders are expensive. Change orders that need to be permitted cause delays.

Let us help you avoid rookie’s mistakes with the experience of the team that has been building homes for themselves and for other people for the last twenty years.

You cannot save money during construction. You can only save money when planning and designing your home. Before the construction documents are complete, before the design is permitted.

Olesia Chikunova, HomeWiP founder
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