Feasibility study

Construction project is not a sprint or a marathon, it is a relay race. And the team matters.

Any builder will charge you for the feasibility report – and the costs range from $1000 to $4500 – because it takes time and knowledge. Feasibility report includes the analysis of your city regulations, site analysis, and, in our case, estimates for several options to build – often with different construction methods.

By going with feasibility report through a builder – you lock yourself into the construction methods and vendors that this builder knows. What if there are other options that will work better for your site and situation?

Ironically, you do the same with most architects – unless you know in advance which construction material you are going to use and select the architect through those lenses.

We work with several vetted construction crews that cover a multitude of construction methods, and we can guide you to permit faster, at least 2 months faster.