A pottery shed? An art studio? A music room?

Backyard studio, creatively yours.

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by Olesia Chikunova, ADU Specialist.

Today’s hectic and stressful life requires to stop occasionally to catch your breath. Your happy place. Your sanctuary. That’s what is needed. The word will mean different things to different people. How do you relax? What makes you feel energized? As Winston Churchill said in his famous speech back in 1943, we shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.

Yoga and physical exercises are known as a good way to restore peace of mind and bring back the colors of life. A number of yoga followers is growing every day but fitness studios were mostly closed because of the pandemic conditions. So, why not arrange a gym or a yoga room in your backyard studio? You won’t even have to leave home to achieve that sense of bliss you get in your favorite yoga studio. Frankly speaking, arranging such a room won’t cost you a fortune. Aiming to preserve our planet’s limited resources, yoga philosophy demands modest and minimalistic designs that are sustainable and eco-friendly, utilize renewable materials and minimize waste. Are you ready for your own yoga room in the backyard?

What if your backyard house is a bar?

It’s stunning to have a bar of your own, isn’t it? Even if you don’t drink, you might want to have something on hand to offer guests, and if nothing else, a home bar can add an unexpected element of design to any backyard space. What could be better than to mix cocktails, taste good wine and drinks with your friends? A backyard studio is perfect for this. Imagine, not having to clean up kid’s toys before the guests arrive. Whether you’re just beginning to make cocktails and appreciate spirits or you’ve been mixing for years, you can set up a space in your taste, choose the style of design, buy furniture in your taste, high stools, special fridges for wine, large TV screens, all the must-have essentials, bar tools, must-read cocktail books, spirits, glassware, mixers etc. What do you think?

Party Place 

Who doesn’t love a party? For families with small children and for multigenerational families, it is a good idea to create a separate area for parties. Obviously, you don’t have to try to speak quietly so as not to wake the children up or disturb older family members. Besides you can find in Internet a lot of tips and tricks how to throw a fabulous shindig without breaking the bank. With all ​these funny yet cheap party decorating ideas, you can be the host with the most.

Backyard music studio

What makes you happy?

Even if you do not have a dream of becoming a musician, compose a hit, take the first lines of the Billboard’s charts, and perform at stadiums for millions of fans, you can create a space for playing musical instruments. It can be a really groovy project. In terms of design, a lot will depend on the sorts of instruments you love. Perhaps, you want to make a sound proofed rock pad for teenagers to thrash about in. Or maybe you want to fill the entire place with the sound of a classical piano. Whatever style of music you favor, you can select the style and design of the music studio to satisfy all members of your family. A music room will be an inviting place to jam with friends and family. Your own music studio in your own backyard. What is it going to be: a backyard music studio? Or a backyards recording studio? Both?

Your own cinema theatre

Who goes to the cinema anymore? We live in a world where entertainment is a lot more personal and, because it is easily accessible, a lot more comfortable, not to mention less prone to pandemic restrictions. After all, if you can put together the best home cinema in your own home, why would you bother to share the experience with at least a couple dozen strangers in a cinema?
Nowadays, large movie theatres can offer 4K image and 3D screening, and the technology is easily available for the home consumers as well. So, if you have a home cinema /theater in mind, then a cinema studio in the backyard is your best choice. Add a huge glass door and you can turn your whole backyard into a night movie theatre.


What Should Your Happy Place Look Like?

Follow your heart ... or family requirements.
Backyard studio for playroom


Are you tired of all toys, books and other playthings living in a constant state of disorder scattered throughout the house? It’ll be better for your sanity and peace of mind if everything is allocated in a separate space like a detached studio. Your children will appreciate such a place where kiddos and imaginations could run wild with less adult supervision than normal.

Your private library

You know, reading is a real pleasure. If you own a large number of books then having a home library is a great idea. Special storage conditions with low humidity and constant temperature can be created for books in the backyard studio. Besides, reading needs quiet calm place. Turn your backyard home into a bibliophile’s retreat.

back yard shed for art studio

Hobby Center

If you have a hobby – be it an art gallery, collectibles exhibition, pottery, sewing workshop –  then you just need a studio converted into the hobby center. It’s a must, nothing more to add.

Backyard studio for workshop


If your collection of rare and flowering plants exceeded several hundreds of specimens, then it’s time to allocate a special space for them – your own private Orangerie. Imagine what a sight it will be with flowering plants of all colors and shades, it will just be a paradise. What do you want to see in your garden studio design? Shelves? Outdoor sink? We are here to make your dreams a reality.

Backyard garden studio


As coronavirus cases were still spiking nationwide, many traditional activities were limited due to social distancing. But simply looking at the stars can be a relaxing way to spend an evening. In the summer sky, you may notice a shimmery grouping of stars, constellations, planets, phases of the Moon, etc. If like stargazing and sky watching, then the best idea is to buy a telescope and equip your home observatory. Your family and children will be delighted!

Backyard planetarium

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