Backyard Office Shed: 5 Tips to Build Better

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Backyard Office Shed: 5 tips to build

How to Make Your Outdoor Office Shed Project a Success

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by Olesia Chikunova, ADU Specialist.

Are you looking for a way to make your backyard more useful? May be, you need an office space but don’t want to take up valuable living space inside your home. Or maybe you’re looking for a creative way to add extra functionality to your yard.

Flexible schedule makes it possible to work from home part of the week? Lucky you. Outdoor home office sheds are a great solution for small business owners, professionals or remote workers. 120 square foot structures have ample space for a modern garden office.

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No matter what your reason, turning a small space in your backyard into an outdoor office shed can be a great project! Follow these tips, and you’ll be the proud owner of the perfect home office.

Please do not confuse a traditional garden shed with a perfect garden office. You will find the main difference in structural integrity (built for people, not for garden equipment) and electrical connections (enough for your internet connection, lighting and ventilation needs).

Additionally, you will benefit from better natural lighting and variety of green materials. People often opt for glass walls, French doors or tall windows. Even though these solutions bring additional costs, do not underestimate the comfort these additional windows will provide when you start working in the new space. They bring in the natural environment of your backyard, and make all your hard work more enjoyable. You deserve it.

5 Tips for Building Your Backyard Office Shed

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Location for your office shed

The first step is to find the perfect location for your backyard office. You’ll want to consider privacy, noise levels, and proximity to other buildings on your property. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, mark it off with some string or flags so you can visualize the space.


Design of your office shed

Now, it’s time to start thinking about the design of your office. What kind of layout do you want? How big should it be? What kind of features do you need? Research and look at different office designs to get some ideas.


Budget for your office shed

Once you know what you want, it’s time to start planning your budget. How much can you afford to spend on this project? Make sure to factor in the cost of materials, labor, and any permits or other fees that may be required.


Contract with your builder

 If you’re planning on hiring someone to help with the construction of your office, it’s important to get a contract in place. This will help protect you and the contractor in case of any problems that may arise during the project.


Construction of your office shed

Now it’s time to start building! If it is you DIY project, follow all safety guidelines and take your time. If you’re hiring local builders, supervise and inspect the work as it’s being done to ensure that everything is up to your standards.

What are the different styles of backyard offices?

There are many different styles of backyard offices, depending on your needs and preferences. You might want a simple shed-style office and basic workspace or a more elaborate structure with multiple windows and may be even a bathroom. Outdoor office sheds come in different styles, with majority of prefab backyard offices manufactured in contemporary styles.

While you might be inclined to go for modern studios, remember that if you need a building permit, your plan checker will most likely require the new structure to be in the same style as the main home. In most jurisdictions, a building permits is required for all structures that have electrical wiring.

You can also choose to have your office attached to your home or detached from it. Some people even have converted garages or RVs into backyard offices. Ultimately, the style of your office should be based on your budget and what will work best for you.

Shed Style

A shed-style office might be the right choice for you if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive option. These offices are typically small and basic, with just enough space for a desk and some storage. Shed-style offices are a great choice if you don’t need a lot of space. Their simple designs adjust well with popular siding options. This extra room will become your favorite quiet place in your backyard.

Elaborated Style

Consider a more elaborate backyard office if you need more space or a more permanent solution. These offices can be attached or detached from your home and often have multiple rooms (yes, a bathroom may be possible) and windows.

They’re usually made from wood similar to standard houses. Elaborate backyard offices are a good choice if you need a lot of space or if you want an office to be a more permanent fixture in your yard.

No matter what style of backyard office you choose, make sure your office setup meets your exact needs and budget. There are many different styles of offices to choose from, so take your time and find the right one for you. With a little research, you can find the perfect backyard office to help you work from home.


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Cost to build a backyard office

The price of your backyard office shed will depend on the size, style, and features you choose. Buyers who opt for garden sheds will pay $1,500 to $4,000 for shells in shed kits. Then other costs add on: foundation, electrical wiring, insulation, drywall etc.


Expect to pay over $40,000 for a fully outfitted backyard office in the Bay Area. Of course, the price of your backyard office shed will also depend on the size and style you choose. Do not forget to addd permit costs.


What are the materials used in backyard office sheds?

Several different materials can be used to build a backyard office shed. The most common material is wood, although metal and plastic are also used. Wood is the most popular choice because it is inexpensive and easy to work with.

The type of material you choose for your shed will depend on several factors, including the climate in your area, the size and style of the shed, and your budget. Wood frame sheds are the most popular choice for backyard office sheds.

When choosing the exterior material for your shed, it is important to consider the level of maintenance required. There are various siding options with different degrees of maintenance required. If you are in a zone of high fire hazard, we recommend you use fire rated materials for exterior.

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How long does a backyard office shed take to build?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the shed, the materials used, and the builder’s level of experience. Depending on the level of complexity and building permits, a shed may take anywhere from three to six weeks to construct. Do not forget to add wait time for building inspections.

However, the process can be expedited if you’re working with a company that specializes in small buildings. Professional installers will have a team of workers who can work quickly and efficiently to get your shed up and running in no time.

What are the dimensions of backyard office sheds? What is the best size for a backyard office?

The dimensions of backyard office sheds can vary depending on the size of your yard and what you plan to use the shed for. The most common sizes for backyard office sheds are small, medium, and large. Small sheds are typically 10’x12′ or 8’x12‘, while medium sheds are usually 10’x16′ or 8’x16‘. Large sheds are typically 12’x20′ or 12’x24‘.

The best size for a backyard office depends on your available space and what you plan to use the shed for.

We have ready to go building plans for 8’x15′, 10’x12′ and 10’x25′ structures.

What is the warranty on a backyard office shed?

When building a backyard office shed, it is important to ask about the warranty. A licensed general contractor typically gives you a one-year warranty on the workmanship. However, the structural elements of the shed should be covered by a 10-year warranty.

This is important because the last thing you want is for your shed to start falling apart after a few years. The 10-year warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that the company stands behind its work.

What is the difference between a shed and a cabin?

A shed is typically a smaller, more simplistic structure used for storage or basic shelter, while a cabin is generally a larger, more complex, well-built dwelling. Traditional log cabins are usually of better quality than sheds and often have multiple rooms and windows.

Cabins were always used as permanent homes, while historically sheds were only used for storage or as temporary shelter.

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What are the benefits of having an outdoor home office shed?

There are many benefits to having a backyard office, including:


  1. Increased productivity – When you have your dedicated space, you can focus more easily and get more done.
  2. Avoid distractions – With a backyard office, you can avoid distractions from family members, pets, and other household noises.


  1. Take advantage of natural light – Working in a backyard office means taking advantage of natural light, which can help improve your mood and concentration.


  1. Get some fresh air – Stepping outside for a break during your workday can help refresh your mind and body, leading to improved productivity. Add natural wood as decor to supplement the feeling.


  1. No Commute – One of the best things about working from a backyard office is avoiding the commute. This can save you time and money and reduce your stress levels.


  1. Annual Tax Rebate:  The government offers an annual tax rebate for home-based businesses, which can offset the cost of setting up your backyard office.


What are the most common mistakes people make when building a backyard office?

  • Not getting the right permits: You will need a building permit from your local municipality to build an office in your backyard. You could be fined or even forced to tear down your office without the proper permits.


  • Not considering the size of the office: It is important to consider the size when you are planning to build one. It would help if you made sure that the office would be big enough for your needs but not too big that it will dominate your yard. Consider the office furniture you are used to. Are you planning to bring in your favorite desk? Let us make sure it fits in your new home office pod.


  • Not Comfortable: Many people make the mistake of not making their office comfortable. They forget to add insulation, or they do not add enough windows. This can make working in your office uncomfortable during hot summer or cold winter nights.


  • No Insulation: One of the most common mistakes people make when building a backyard office is not adding insulation. This can make your office uncomfortable during hot summer or cold winter nights.


What is the best way to reach out to companies to produce a custom backyard office?

There are a few things you should take into account when planning to build a backyard office, such as:

  • The amount of noise your area produces (we have noise reducing windows)
  • If you want a dedicated space for Zoom calls or other video conferencing
  • The level of natural light in the space
  • How much privacy you need


When reaching out to companies, be sure to ask about:

  • The cost of the project
  • The timeline for completion
  • Any available customization options
  • The warranty or guarantee that is offered


Now that your backyard office is set up, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your project is successful. First, keep an eye on the weather and take advantage of the sunny days. Also, be sure to stay organized and keep your work area tidy. Finally, remember to take breaks and enjoy the fresh air! With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to enjoying your new backyard office space.


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