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Six different ways to add space

deck for tiny home

Tiny Home

Looking for a newly built detached solution with a bathroom and kitchenette? This type of projects start at $158,000.

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Modern Shed

Looking for a modern shed to accommodate your remote work? This type of projects start at $48,000.

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how to build an ADU

400 SF ADU

You can fit a lot into a 400 SF dwelling. Projects start at $225,000.

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THOW tiny home on wheels

Tiny Home on Wheels

Do you have a good access to the backyard? Roll this beauty in.  Projects start at $80,000. THOW do not appreciate – considered personal property, not real estate.

home office setup

Modern home office with bathroom

180 SF shed with bathroom. Projects start at $122,500.

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Mediterranean style ADU with patio

500 SF ADU

You can fit a one bedroom unit into 500 SF. Projects start at $265,000.

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Answers to 7 popular questions

Backyard buildings for beautiful homes

Rear yards have always been a source of joy. Now they have become a source of potential property value appreciation.


We are not talking about conventional backyard storage. Boring.., unless it is a home for lawn equipment (then it is at least functional). A suitable building in a backyard can turn regular square feet into an absolute pleasure. In fact, it can raise the bar of the entire experience of your own backyard.


Curb appeal is for neighbors, guests, and that sweet feeling of getting home. A backyard project is for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy. A backyard may become a source of joy and peace of mind after a long exhausting day.


So let us answer these seven popular questions.

  1. What types of backyard buildings are available?
  2. What materials are used to construct backyard buildings?
  3. What are the legal requirements for building a backyard structure?
  4. How much does it cost to build a backyard building?
  5. Can I convert an existing backyard structure into a living space?
  6. What are some creative ways to use a backyard building?
  7. What are some popular design ideas for backyard buildings?

What types of backyard buildings are available?

  1. Storage sheds store lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, outdoor furniture, and other items.
  2. Garden sheds are designed specifically for gardening equipment and supplies.
  3. Playhouses are small buildings designed for children to play in and can include features like slides, swings, and climbing walls.
  4. Guest houses are small buildings used as an extra bedroom, home office, or rental unit.
  5. Workshops are for DIY enthusiasts or hands-on professionals who need a dedicated workspace.
  6. Studios are ideal for artists, musicians, or writers who need a quiet space to work.
  7. Greenhouses exist to grow plants and can range from small, portable models to larger, permanent structures.
  8. Pool houses provide a changing area and storage for pool supplies.
  9. Gazebos are outdoor structures for entertaining and outdoor dining, often with a sheltered seating area.
We are not trying to sell a one size fits all model.

What materials do we use to construct backyard buildings?

Will you use it for people or something valuable? Use quality materials.

A vinyl building may sound like a good cheap option, but make sure what is in it would not get mold.

Steel buildings are a good idea for areas with high fire hazard risk.

Most basic models use a regular 2×4 wood wall stud and low-maintenance architectural shingles. Do not store flammable material in it.

An off-the-shelf storage building style is not imaginative. Avoid an eye sore.

backyard storage
Permitted or not?

What are the legal requirements for building a backyard structure?

In most cities, if it is under 120 square feet, under 8 feet high, and is not connected to utilities – you can build it without any permits required. Please check your local ordinance. You may be surprised. Some cities require a building permit even for chicken coops – and we are not joking.


All other structures typically require a permit with all bells and whistles (site plan, construction drawings, building permit application, and fees). You will be lucky if you are not required to send out notifications to neighbors or explain at a Planning Commission what you are daring to do in your backyard.

If you can dream it, we can build it

What are some creative ways to use a backyard building?

Typical storage solutions include storage sheds, garden sheds, mini barns used for garden equipment, and other, often portable, utility buildings.

You may have an animal structure for horses, chicken coops, and other animal shelters. It gives a backyard some farmhouse feel, but not a  wow effect.

Other, more exciting, backyard buildings include:


  1. Art studio as a dedicated painting, drawing, or sculpting space.
  2. Yoga or fitness studio – a space for practicing yoga or other exercises.
  3. Game room – an entertaining space for playing billiards, darts, or board games.
  4. Home theater with a cozy cinema-like atmosphere.
  5. Library with a comfortable reading area for a cozy and quiet getaway.
  6. Outdoor kitchen for cooking and entertaining guests.
  7. Home office to work from home.
  8. Music studio – a soundproof room for recording music or practicing.
  9. Meditation room for meditation, yoga, or relaxation.
  10. Guesthouse for visitors or to rent out.

These are just a few traditional ideas for using a backyard building.

These days you can come across a backyard building that is a nail salon, a bar, or even a restaurant, workshop,

The possibilities are endless, and the right use depends on your needs and interests.


Can I convert an existing backyard structure into a living space?

Whether or not you can convert an existing backyard structure into a living space will depend on several factors, including the size and condition of the structure, local building codes and regulations, and your specific plans for the room.


Converting an existing structure, such as a garage, shed, or outbuilding, into a living space can be a great way to create extra living space on your property. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Building codes and regulations: Before converting an existing structure into a living space, it is essential to check with your local building department to ensure that the structure is up to code and can turn into a residence. If it is not compliant, the city will ask you to bring it up to the current building code.
  2. Condition of the structure: The existing structure must be in good condition to support living space. The roof, walls, foundation, and other structural elements must be sound. Typically, a visit by a structural engineer is in order. The city will expect a letter confirming that the structure is solid.
  3. Utilities: If you plan to use the structure as a living space, you will need to ensure that it has access to utilities such as electricity, water, and sewage. A can of worms in most cases, if you ask me.
  4. Permits: You must obtain permits from your local government to convert the structure into a living space. Definitely true for California. If you live elsewhere – check with your local government.
  5. Comfort and safety: You need to ensure that the space is comfortable and safe to live in, with proper ventilation, insulation, and heating/cooling systems.


Converting an existing backyard structure into a living space can be a great way to add extra living space to your property. Still, it is important to carefully consider all the factors involved and ensure that the space is safe and comfortable for living.


The permitting process can be long and tedious, but the result will fill you with joy for as long as you live in that house. We have been down that path. Let us chat. 

Famous trade off: time vs money

Can I build a backyard building myself, or do I need to hire a professional?

You will definitely need some help. It may be just a second pair of hands.

Likely more, though. You are still building a small house. Building a backyard building requires some basic skills and knowledge, including:

  1. Construction knowledge: You should have a basic understanding of construction principles and methods, such as how to read plans, use tools, and follow safety procedures.
  2. Carpentry skills: You should be familiar with basic carpentry skills such as measuring, cutting, and joining wood.
  3. Electrical skills: If you plan to install electrical wiring in your building, you should have some basic electrical skills, including how to wire a subpanel, outlets, and switches safely.
  4. Plumbing skills: If you plan to install plumbing fixtures, you should have some basic plumbing skills, including installing pipes and connecting fixtures.
  5. Masonry skills: If you plan to use masonry materials, such as bricks or concrete blocks, you should have some basic masonry skills, including how to lay and level the materials.
  6. Project management skills: You should have some basic project management skills, including how to plan a project, organize materials and tools, and manage your time effectively.
  7. Problem-solving skills: You should be able to identify and solve problems that arise during the building process, such as how to level the foundation or adjust for unexpected obstacles.

Overall, building a backyard building yourself requires some basic skills and knowledge. Still, it is also an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. It is essential to take the time to plan your project carefully, invest in quality materials and tools, and seek help or advice when needed. The best results happen when you do what you do best and let someone else do what you have no experience in.



We cut out inefficiencies, delays, and permitting problems out of the process. 



We assess all materials and finishes for quality and toxicity, giving you a more energy-efficient, higher quality, healthier home.


We look at all options, handle the assessment and decision analysis, and give you the best solution for the best price.

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What are some popular design ideas for backyard buildings?

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backyard building in AR next to person

Most cities have setback requires – how far away the building should be from the property line and from other buildings. The area around the AR model will be shaded accordingly.

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