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Our ADU specialist, your advocate to help with overruns and surprises

When Olesia was building in the Bay Area for the first time, she wished there was someone who magically knew how to replace everything at an affordable price. She founded the company so that any homeowner had a contractor and/or designer to talk through their vision, from pricing to timelines to limitations to new ideas. Today Home W.i.P Construction Concierge makes homeowners confident, construction-savvy and empowered.

This is no doubt an expert to list considerations that we should take into account in design and choosing contractor.
Any time I wasn't sure what the next move was, Olesia was there to make sure all the ducks were in a row. She thinks ahead and can see the big picture in a way I never would have thought of on my own.
Olesia walked me through every step and helped me eliminate options when I got overwhelmed. You see the options of how the ADU will look like before calling the contractor.

Confused about the best way to add space?

Make your house future ready, be it college or retirement. Let us discuss what is a good fit for your property and family situation.

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We have 9540 floor plans to choose from.

Have you got your design on a napkin? Try us. We might have a plan ready, and a builder to make it happen on stand by. We work with several vetted construction crews that cover a multitude of construction methods, and we will get you to permit faster.

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