About us

About Us

Why Homewip .

With HomeWiP, anyone can build a backyard home without getting overwhelmed.

We provide a smooth, transparent, full-service home-building experience with no conflict of interest.

We are the only company that speaks many languages: the language of homeowners, the language of city building officials and energy consultants, the language of traditional contractors and prefab builders.

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Our Expertise .

Interior Design85%
3D Skills85%
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Words we live by

Our Principals .

Our design principles  healthier, wealthier and wiser – to design page

We develop custom design  or speed up the design process by selecting a popular floor plan from our library. We match the style of your main house.

1 Sensitive, non-toxin, vegan if required – for your well-being. We build for health. We work with a certified Materials expert and can address multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies.

2 Sustainably built – for the planet’s well-being. Our buildings are not just energy efficient, they also utilize materials that do not pollute the planet whenever possible. (provide a detailed page)

3 Age friendly for long term comfort of kids and grannies. Our homes are adaptive to all people, regardless of age or ability. Our ADA certified design expert will ensure the home is tailor-built for you and for the future you.